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What is your service area?
Colbert, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, and Morgan counties are our service areas in North Alabama.

Do you offer free estimates?
We ask that our clients complete an information card. Your project will be evaluated by our staff and an in-office consultation will be scheduled to discuss a path forward.

What are your response times to my emails and phone calls?
We request 48 hours to return your calls and emails. Our response goal is within a 24-hour period.

How often should I expect communication from you?
Communication is one of our highest priorities to understand and surpass your expectations. When Preston Engineering and Construction is working for you, we will communicate often and as much as necessary to complete your project successfully.

Why should I hire you if the cost is higher?
Preston Engineering and Construction, LLC is a licensed and insured company. Our in-house staff and subcontractors are recruited due to their expertise as highly trained professionals in their respective trades. We are a custom residential contractor, which means each job is special and demands our attention in every detail. We have trained design professionals that offer quick turn around and solutions to any situation that may arise in your design and construction project. Our company holds license in professional engineering and residential contracting. This combination provides experience and understanding in the project from design to completion.

Do you incorporate a system of quality control checks as part of your deliverable?
Yes. Our project managers and construction superintendents provide on-site quality control during construction. Our professional engineering staff reviews construction methods. Furthermore, each billable milestone throughout the project to ensure quality is being maintained from start to finish.

How can you help me minimize construction cost for my project?
Our design expertise provides an insight into cost savings prior to construction beginning. We review the project and site layout to optimize your project for its location. A budget and schedule provided as part of your contract documents ensures a clear and concise plan is executed from start to finish. Our understanding of design and implementation in the field allows our team to provide value engineering options to each project which may offer efficiency and savings to each project.

Are you open to my recommendations during the development / construction process?
Yes. We value our clients’ recommendations. We understand that this is your investment and ultimately your project. We encourage our clients to be involved and offer suggestions. We will have several meetings prior to start of construction to ensure your recommendations and suggestions have been addressed and a clear path forward is agreed upon prior to proceeding with construction.

How important is it to meet to discuss a proposal prior to signing?
It is very important to our company that we clearly understand your expectations and both parties understand the agreement. A meeting will be scheduled to review the contract, plans, schedule, and contract estimate prior to signing a contract.

What do you bring to the table that other engineers do not?
We offer a specialized skill set that is well rounded in engineering and construction. Understanding the construction process and executing the construction aspect allow us to see blind spots that other engineering firms may not see.

What do you bring to the table that other contractors do not?
Our in-house design staff provides valuable insight to a project long before construction begins. Eliminating a third-party engineer and designer reduces the risk of miscommunication and provides a streamlined process for changes during the construction process.

How long will my custom construction project take?
We evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis. Your project will be thoroughly reviewed and a timeline will be provided as part of your contract documents.

How does custom home building differ from the plans provided by tract/spec builders’ plans?
A custom home allows you to provide your input and make changes to meet your specific needs. Rather than adapting to a home that was built for “anyone,” you can build a home that is specifically designed for you and your family.

What type of “green building” features does Preston Engineering & Construction, LLC offer?
Preston Engineering and Construction, LLC strives to meet energy codes and provides efficient systems to reduce your energy consumption.

Will my custom project have a warranty?
Yes. We provide a 1 year warranty on our projects with exception to normal wear and tare and incidents caused by personal error or accidentals.

Do you offer financing?
We work closely with several institutions that provide financing to our clients. If requested we can provide recommendations for financing on your project.

We request 48 hours to return your calls and emails. Our response goal is within a 24-hour period.

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